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Jack Russel terrier

Jack Russel terrier

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Surname: Jack Russel terrier
Alternative names: /
Original origin: Great Britain
FCI group: Terrier
size: up to 30cm
size: up to 30cm
Mass () : 4 - 6kg
Mass () : 4 - 6kg
Life expectancy: 12 - 16 years
nutrition: Carnivore
sexual maturity:
litter size: 3 - 4
coat color: white as the base color
coat type: dense, soft, fine
coat length: short
Character / essence: lively, courageous, protective, self-confident
attitude: needs a lot of exercise and exercise

Jack Russel Terrier - introduction information

The history of Jack Russell Terrier It began in the early 19th century when Englishman John Russell deliberately bred a breed of Fox Terriers who accompanied his Fox Hounds hunting foxes and their compact size into the burrowing and rodent burrows of rats and rabbits could penetrate. From these breeding efforts went with the rather square and larger Parson Russell Terrier and the smaller and elongated Jack Russell Terrier two different lines that were similar in their characteristically basic features. At the end of the 19th century, Jack Russell Terriers were exported to Australia to assist the people there to control the explosion of red foxes. Surprisingly, the Jack Russell Terrier was recognized as an independent breed in 2000 on an international level.
The compact little terrier is one of the small dog breeds with a maximum shoulder height of about 30 cm and an ideal weight of 5 to 6 kg. He is of muscular stature and has a short and dense, predominantly white fur with badges in black, brown or reddish brown. His coat is water-repellent and can be smooth, prickly or hairy. Its long and pointed tail may only be cropped if it is bred exclusively for hunting purposes. The Jack Russell Terrier thrilled his owners mainly because of his trusty button eyes, his cheeky expression and the pointed, down-turned ears.
He is especially popular for his lively and lively nature as a companion and family dog. Because of its compact size, it can also be easily kept in a city apartment, provided that it is carried out several times a day and gives ample opportunity to let off steam in green spaces. The size is sometimes misleading about his character, because this little dog has a high self-confidence and is considered very smart. Therefore, people who call him a lapdog are completely wrong. The Jack Russell Terrier was bred as a working dog and therefore requires mental and physical capacity. He is looking forward to a variety of excursions in nature and is therefore an ideal companion for people who like to be active in their free time. The Jack Russell Terrier is also excellent as a guard dog, because he is fearless, territorial and has a strong protector and reporting instinct.


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