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Aluminum (Al) properties

Aluminum (Al) properties

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Atomic mass, symbol and atomic number

aluminum is a naturally occurring element with the element symbol Al and the atomic number 13. In the periodic table it stands with an atomic mass of 26.981 u in the 3rd main group. The chemical element discovered by Humphry Davy in 1808 is not radioactive and is in a solid state at room temperature.

Profile: Aluminum (English)

Chemical element:aluminum
Atomic number:13
Group:boron group
explorers:Humphry Davy
Year of discovery:1808
Atomic properties
Atomic mass:26,981 u
Atomic radius:125 pm
Covalent radius:121 pm
Van der Waals radius:184 pm
Electron configuration:Ne 3s2 3p1
ionization:577.5 kJ / mol
Physical Properties
Physical state:firmly
Density:2.7 g / cm3
Crystal structure:cubic
molar volume:10,00 · 10-6 m3/ mol
Mohs hardness:2,75
Melting point:660 ° C
Boiling point:2470 ° C
Heat of fusion:10.7 kJ / mol
Heat of vaporization:284 kJ / mol
Thermal conductivity:235 W
Chemical properties

Did you know that ...

  • Aluminum is the third most common element of the Earth's crust and the most common metal?
  • China is the largest producer of aluminum worldwide?
  • Aluminum is often used as a component of circuit boards because of its good electrical conductivity?
  • Aluminum with gold is one of the most flexible metals?


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